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Exploring Lapua Long Range .22: Precision and Performance Unleashed

Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition represents the pinnacle of precision and performance in the world of rimfire shooting. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into everything you need to know about Lapua Long Range .22, from its features and benefits to its applications and performance characteristics.

Introduction to Lapua Long Range .22:

Lapua Long Range 22 ammunition is designed for shooters who demand exceptional accuracy and consistency at extended distances. Developed by Lapua, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality ammunition, this specialized rimfire cartridge pushes the boundaries of precision shooting.

Features of Lapua Long Range .22:

  • Bullet Design: Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition typically features a high-quality, lead-core bullet with a precision-engineered profile for enhanced aerodynamics and stability.
  • Consistent Quality: Lapua ammunition is known for its strict quality control measures, ensuring uniformity in bullet weight, dimensions, and ballistic performance.
  • Propellant Formulation: The propellant used in Lapua Long Range .22 cartridges is carefully selected and optimized for consistent velocity and minimal velocity variations.
  • Brass Casings: Lapua brass casings are renowned for their durability and consistency, contributing to reliable feeding and extraction in semi-automatic and bolt-action firearms.

Benefits of Lapua Long Range .22:

  • Exceptional Accuracy: Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition delivers exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for precision target shooting and long-range competitions.
  • Consistent Performance: The consistent quality and performance of Lapua ammunition help shooters achieve tight shot groups and predictable ballistic trajectories.
  • Low Variability: Lapua’s stringent quality control measures result in low variability between shots, ensuring reliable performance under varying environmental conditions.
  • Extended Range: With its superior ballistic properties, Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition allows shooters to engage targets at extended distances with confidence and precision.

Applications of Lapua Long Range .22:

Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition finds applications in various shooting disciplines, including:

  • Precision Target Shooting: Competitions and events that demand pinpoint accuracy at long distances benefit from the precision and consistency of Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition.
  • Varmint Hunting: The flat trajectory and terminal performance of Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition make it well-suited for varmint hunting, where precision and ethical shot placement are crucial.
  • Training and Practice: Shooters looking to hone their skills and develop their long-range shooting abilities often use Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition for training and practice sessions.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Velocity: Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition typically achieves velocities suitable for long-range shooting, providing the necessary energy and velocity retention for consistent performance downrange.
  • Ballistic Coefficient: The aerodynamic profile of Lapua bullets contributes to high ballistic coefficients, minimizing the effects of wind drift and atmospheric conditions on trajectory.
  • Terminal Ballistics: While primarily designed for target shooting and varmint hunting, Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition exhibits adequate terminal ballistics for ethical hunting and shooting applications.


Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition represents the pinnacle of rimfire performance, offering shooters unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and reliability at extended distances. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, varmint hunter, or precision enthusiast, Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition is sure to elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

Elevate Your Shooting Experience with Lapua Long Range .22:

Experience the precision and performance of Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition for yourself and take your shooting to the next level. With Lapua’s commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust Lapua Long Range .22 to deliver outstanding results, shot after shot. Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition stands as a testament to Lapua’s dedication to excellence in the world of rimfire shooting. With its unmatched accuracy, consistency, and performance, Lapua Long Range .22 ammunition is the ammunition of choice for shooters who demand nothing but the best.