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Difference Between KFT and CBC With Signs and Symptoms

CBC and KFT tests are some of the most important tests that are required to diagnose various health conditions as well as help in monitoring health-related issues by performing specific tests CBC checks for the different cells in the blood and KFT checks for kidney function and any kind of kidney infection that are produced in our body.

Difference Between Cell Blood Count Test & Kidney Function Test

Cell Blood Count Test

A CBC (complete blood count) blood test is a type of blood test that is used to assess the overall health and measure the Blood cells like RBC, and WBC for any kind of blood infection and monitor various blood diseases. It measures various blood cells to check for any infection and disease. CBT tests can be conducted before surgery to get a detailed analysis of a patient’s medical condition.

Kidney Function Test

KFT Blood test is used to measure the efficiency of our kidneys to check how well your kidneys can clear waste as well as to check for any kind of infection associated with the kidney and urinary tract This test requires a 24-hour urine sample for examination and the results can be given on the same day or within few days

What Are the Signs and Symptoms That Call for a Cell Blood Count and Kidney Function Test?

CBC Test

RBC Count, Hematocrit– Lower levels of these cells are signs of anaemia, vitamin, iron as well as other medical conditions. Vitamin B12 Deficiency can also be seen which may give rise to pernicious anemia, Lower level of hemoglobin could indicate genetic disorders like Thalassemia.

White Blood Cell Count- A lower level of WBC in blood also indicates several blood diseases, The Body becomes more susceptible to infection, and conditions such as Autoimmune Disorder.

Platelet count -Lower than normal is called Thrombocytopenia and may indicate the presence of genetic disorders like Haemophllia. 

For Kidney Function Test

    • Frequent urge to urine(signs of Urinary tract infection)-Urinary tract infection, Destruction of cell lining of the ureter.
    • Blood in Urine (haematuria)-Due to inflammation of small filters in kidneys.
    • Painful Urination(Dysuria)-may be due to kidney stones or any kind of infection.
  • Abdominal and back pain(Signs of Kidney stone)
  • Burning sensation during urination.-Infection in the ureter or urinary tract. 
  • Renal diseases– be a sign of chronic kidney disease due to improper functioning of the kidney.

How to Choose the Best Diagnostic Centre for This Test

The best diagnostic centre can be checked by seeing their experience, reputation, availability, timing and staff and also through the customer reviews all tests should be available and patients must be assisted at every point wherever required for tests like CBC Blood home sample collection facility should be available for immediate result and for kFT test the urine sample should be collected immediately and tested According to us Ganesh Diagnostic can be the best option as they provide blood sample collection at home facility and 100% accurate results so we can choose the best diagnostic centre in Delhi like Ganesh diagnostic centre.